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So, um, how early does the pred energy start?!

wowsers, i have done more in a couple hours than in the whole stinking week. LOL. I've taken two doses of 40mg pred, and am just gearing to go! LOL> I don't know if it's all in my head, it does seem a little early for that, and i'm still not feeling physically well, but wow!


OMG Tam I felt like I was whizzing on cheap speed from the off!
It's ace!
But a word of warning-it masks things
You'll feel like you're energised and you'll carry on regardless, but you'll suffer for it-bloody knackered!
Take it slow, and chillax
And dont forget the insomnia too!
It's a killer, take your Preds about 6am and you might get to sleep about 1am!
I've never felt so well for years, wish I'd have done it years ago!
So wot if I'm fat and look like Alvin?
Besta luck
Joan x
Yay for energy pam!!! I'm not sure how fast it kicks in because i was in hospital with my initial doses and I was WIRED but there wasn't much to do. I WAS very restless the whole time I was in there and felt super happy even with all the crap going on!
Just make sure you MAKE yourself rest, even if just to watch TV or you will wear yourself out!!!
I think it helps that i'm still not feeling well, so i'm still just doing little things, but they seem like huge things because i haven't done much of anything for months! My house can sure use it though! LOL. Thanks for the words of wisdom everyone. :) Now i just can't wait to feel well! It's starting though, i haven't thrown up yet today, and just been to the toilet twice (Although that hasn't always been a problem for me)
Enjoy it Pam :) How long are you on it for? Just a warning that my experience of tapering made me very depressed, amongst other things, so keep an eye on that hun, k?
You may start to Constipate, or at least my bowel's slowed way down. Drinking anything with Caffiene Was Magnified for me also.
Wishing you well!
Thats awesome you have energy Pam, like everyone has said, just dont over do it!
I have heard that it is hard to sleep on it, a friend told me they used to get up at like 5am take their dose n try to go back to bed for a bit or else they couldnt sleep at nite! Lukily I didnt have that side effect. But then again it didnt really help my guts either.

Hope it starts to settle your gut down some :)


I got energy right away when I was on it. And as others have said, try and take it as early in the morning as you can so you can maybe get to sleep at night around midnight. I felt like I could move mountains when I was on that stuff...and then I got fat, had the chipmunk face, and couldn't sleep to save my life...I felt great though...lol I guess it's a trade off...
I don't really remember as it was donkey's years ago. Lucky you to have some energy though!! Hope it continues to work and make you feel better.
Yay Pam - I'm glad they are trying that out - I need to get caught up on your other thread - did they diagnose you?? It took a few days for me to really start feeling the energy and a week or so to start hating the not sleeping thing. I hope you enjoy that energy while it lasts sister!!
Hey Peaches,
Nope....No diagnosis, i've just been so sick with vomitting and d this week, i think my doc. finally realized i'm not faking it and it was time to try something! i dunno....I'm just grateful to try something. I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes, but i'm very hopeful. It was nice to be able to see the neices and nephews today and have enough in me to play with them, not just watch Dan play with them!
Glad to hear you finally have some energy!! I'm seriously contemplating trying another dose of them, just to gain some weight back and get some energy! I never had any problems sleeping while I was on them, but thinking back at it now, I used to take mine at night, right before I went to bed. Does anyone know, do they have to be taken in the mornings or is it ok to take them at night? My doc never told me either way so I just took them at bedtime...Maybe that's why I never had the insomnia problem?
Ooo I would try that then! I never had any problems sleeping while I was on the Pred, maybe thats why :)
I got energy right away, but if i over do it i feel run down for days. also im one of the lucky ones not having a problem sleeping, but i do get really sore joints. just take it easy, your body needs time to heal.
I've been on 30mg of pred since 8th Jan and am hating the insomnia. The enery kicked in really quickly for me. I took the tablets this evening instead of this morning, not on purpose, I went out for the day without my meds. So I hope I sleep tonight. I can identify with overdoing it too, you feel wiped out for a couple of days afterwards. I have the most killer heartburn too, the moonface, bruising, cramping oh and weight gain ( which i didn't need!)
I have noticed the heartburn, which had been under control since starting Nexium a few months ago...Oh well, i'm not puking, so i'll take the trade off!
Tummy is feeling 50% better. Thank god. Still feels firmish, and i'm really gassy and having a lot of feeling the need to go but not being able too, but so far, i think i can say it's helping. :) I really hope i don't get insomnia though, i've had enough of that! :p

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Pam, I too just took 40mg this morning but I know from past experience to talk a sleep aid for a few days or I am up 48 hours and you dont heal if you are awake. I slept good last night, but just took the pred today. 40mg for 2 weeks and then taper 5mg every week after. I know it is only a temporary fix, so we shall see. I take one gravol if I can't sleep, helps the nausea at the same time ;). Take it an hour before you plan to retire for the night! Hugs

BTW always take your nexium because Pred is the culprit for heartburn and now I have Hiatus Hernia....niice eh?
Thanks Pen. :)
Nexium has been a godsend for me. I've had heartburn for years, but never really done anything about it, until all this other gut stuff started!