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So what's left to do?

Hey all, hope you're all well. You know, relatively.

I've had gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopy, barium follow-through, x-rays, Cat's, MRI, all sorts of bloods and stool tests...

Just had a capsule endoscopy on Thursday. Holy hell that was some hard prep... My week was like searching for recipes with 5-ingredients or less. Then like, those same 5 ingredients for a week. At least it was a nice break from food prep all day. And don't even get me started on the final 18 hours...

The capsule recorded everything from going in to coming out again. Floating there in the toilet like its own little disgusting rave or something.

My question really is: once this comes back all clear, what other tests are in the "pipeline"?
I remember the doctor mentioning a colonoscopy but I was unsure if it would still be relevant after the capsule went all the way through?

Also, any heads up on possible prep would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot.
Best wishes,
Maybe you should get a second opinion. When I had my most recent colonoscopy, they had me do Gatorade and miralax. That was one of the better preps.
With the exception of a colonoscopy, which you should have, the tests you mention are the standard ones. My GI typically does an endoscopy (gastrocopy), colonoscopy, capsule endoscopy, and I’ve had a few upper GI series (all with small bowel follow through). I hope everything works out fine.

Lynda Lynda

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Joey :
I had all the tests.....
Blood, stool, CT Scan, colonoscopy, endoscopy. But no pill cam.
Diagnosed with Crohn's.
Just started 6mp pill.
Hoping to start Humira soon.

I had no problem with the colonoscopy prep ( Miralax and Gatorade and some laxative pills. )

Hope you get a diagnosis and some treatment soon.
Thank you all for the heads up. Is Gatorade like American Lucozade or something, i.e. "clear fluids" but energy intake whilst simultaneously giving you T2D? I can't have sugar. Is it just clear fluids and like a day of fasting for the colonoscopy?

Also Miralax. I'm guessing it's a laxative? I had to down 2l of "Klean-Prep" the evening before (a.k.a. the taste of dropping a bar of soap in the dead sea) which left me constantly running to the toilet, pissing out of my arse for about 24 hours and slightly frightened of which end my first meal would come out of :S

The surprise 2l the morning of the test I could have done without, as well. God that was a nasty experience.