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Some foods are going right through

I've had crohns colitis for 1.5 years. I have noticed that some foods (bean sprouts, peas, skins of peppers, and others) appear to go right through. After that happens I am reluctant to eat that again, I'm not sure if it's really bad? Any thoughts?
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Hey Gutsy those are hard covered type of foods, and peas are my worse and hated food. Make sure you steam them soft or avoid eating them. I use digestive enzymes to help break down food and absorb the nutrients. Corn is another no no. :nonono:
I have had that happen with bean sprouts after eating chow mein. NEVER AGAIN. That scared me intensely. I happen to be a lettuce lover and I find that hard to digest as well. Certain high cellulose things just do not want to break down, and you find out as you go :)