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Some people do not understand

What is it with "normal" people. I mean normal as not living with a chronic illness.
I've been going through a really tough time this week. I was in the hospital last week and have been trying to get better. All I've been able to do is lay in bed on pain killers because walking makes my intestines hurt even more.

I picked up my son from preschool this afternoon and the assistant director was at the front desk while I was signing him out. She asked, "How are you?" I replied with ok even though in my mind I was thinking I feel like shit and just leave me alone. She then asked what was wrong and I said I just wasn't feeling well. Here came the part that pissed me off. "Are you pregnant?"
Why would she ask that? I'm not chunky, in fact I've been losing weight. Would she only ask that because that's the only time normal people feel like shit? I don't know, my mind was racing with all the reasons she would ask me. I didn't think I looked bloated or anything. In fact, I was just looking in the mirror this morning and noticing how thin I looked.

I'm probably all worked up over nothing. I was just upset over the fact.
Just a silly woman... I don't even know how many times I have complained of feeling funky, and had the "Uh -OH!!! Could we be pregnant???" response....

I think that people who have no experience of illness like us just assume that any woman of child bearing age who feels a bit under the weather could be up the duff...

Just ignore it, it means nothing, and it says nothing about you or what you look like.

It's just a silly response to a question that is difficult to answer.... you didn't want to tell her all the ins and outs of how you really were, she pobably wasn't even interested in the answer, and she jumped to a silly conclusion.

It's horrible feeling so rubbish, but dont let other silly people make you feel worse.

HUGS x x x



Sports Crohnie
What a moron.
Next time say, "Yes - and I think your husband's the father.". Then walk out of the room and fart.

People just don't get it sometimes.


Captain Insaneo
Or reply, "How could I be? I used to be a man!" :)

Hope that made you smile and gave you something to think about!
fenway1971 said:
Then walk out of the room and fart.
LOL! Or I can just take a poo in a box, gift wrap it, and then bring it to her and say "Happy Holidays!"
And to think I brought them donuts last week!
I hate that some people are so ignorant, and don't think before speaking....nothing feels worse than being asked if you're pregnant when you're not, because as you said, it makes you wonder if you look it.

i, however, am unfortunately guilty of not thinking before speaking. I once asked a very close friend if she was, because she was always very slim and had an obvious bump....no other weight gain, just a bump....She replied no, and i have never felt worse. She took me for coffee a week later and told me she was, and i was mad at her for making me feel that way! Since then, i'm especially careful, and will NEVER ask again!
fenway1971 said:
What a moron.
Next time say, "Yes - and I think your husband's the father.". Then walk out of the room and fart.

People just don't get it sometimes.


I know this all too well. After a YEAR of experiencing Crohn's related symptoms, my dad asked me if I might be pregnant. This was after I explained that I had every abdominal/pelvic imaging done, too. I'm pretty sure I threw in a smart-ass remark about not having the gestation period of an elephant, as well.

People are dumb.


mum with a dogdy tum
i dont think normal people will understand crohns. just as we dont trully understand other serious conditions. unless you suffer from it you will never understand it.
hah! sorry but I think its funny,

I guess it was not that long ago people figured that was all women were good for. Making babies and taking care of the cave :ylol2:

Judging by your forum name I think she narrowly avoided being PK'd