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Some people just don't get it

So yeah I have this guy who I do side work for. He IM's me today asks where I've been since i haven't been on IM much and I told him I've been sick again and he has the balls to say "sickness is overrated, get over it" .. now his wife has cancer which is sad but really? "get over it?" .. no problem buddy why don't you just pay for the fucking treatment I need so this shit will stop happening to me? You pay 10 grand a month and I'll "get over it" ..
Oh Drew, I hear you!

I've learned never to bother sayong you are tired because apparantly everyone else is too - they just don;t get that there is tired and then there is smacked in the face run over by a bus tired!

Here, have this:

Get over it. wow. That's a little harsh. Does he tell his wife to get over it as well? I mean come on, she only has cancer and all. Ass.

Sorry Drew. Some people just suck. Plain and simple.
I texted someone about this and this was their response.

Me: I had someone tell me to "just get over it" about being sick .. I love people. Yes, I really want to be this way .. 8:16 PM

Other Person: Well i can see how people could say that cause u do a good job of hiding away at ur worst moments so people really only see u when u r feeling halfway decent 8:18 PM

Isn't that the point? Yes, I'm not married so I don't exactly want people to see me when I'm sick. Argh anyways ..
I guess when you're chronically sick you're supposed to just deal with it. First, I'm not used to "dealing with it", forgive me for being new to this whole being fucking miserable 95% of the time, I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Secondly, I've always _always_ been the support mechanism for people not the other way around and it is incredibly hard for me to be around people who want to support me, except my parents and selected friends because I don't want pity, I just want someone to understand.
Understandable. I'm a like like that as well. I'm always the support system for my friends and such as well. So when I actually need some support I tend to just kind of slink back and hide a bit because I don't want to ask for help or I guess 'bother' other people. <shrug>

Hey Drew... will you just deal with it and shut up already? ;) hehe j/k
It doesn't help that I'm already very hard on myself. I guess you could say I was "upwardly mobile" before this. I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted with whomever I wanted. Yeah not so much anymore. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter what you've done for others in the past how quick they are to forget in your time of need.

Again, I don't want pity, which is actually why I sort of drop off the grid when I'm not feeling good, it gets old when people ask what I've been up to when, well I haven't been up to anything.

Anyways thanks for letting me vent everyone. I seriously appreciate it.
get over it. Some people are tools. :( It's unfortunate that he had to learn it the hard way that sickness affects everyone, but karma's a b*tch no? ;)

My Butt Hurts

We understand as much as we can Drew, but we're always here to listen.
You know your body best, don't let idiots get you down. The people who truly care about you are the only ones that matter. XO