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Some questions

I was wondering how many others have gotten Crohn's in their mouths before? About five weeks ago I noticed an ulcer form in my mouth and then another and then another. I have one in the back of my mouth and one which seems to be forming on the opposite side. About two weeks ago I started getting low back pain and it felt like I had a bruise but checking myself in the mirror shows I have no bruise. Finally, yesterday I started to get pain in my knees and hips. I'm 23 and so I should not have all of these problems coming up at once. I used to be big into sports and gotten injuries to almost every part of my body but I'm wondering if there isn't something to this.

Due to my insurance wanting me to take Humira as opposed to the Cimzia I was already taking I have been off of medication for about 6 months. I hope there is an explanation to all of this and that it is not a flare but I have resigned myself to that possibility.

On a different subject, I'm sorry it has taken all of this pain for me to come back to the forum. I know I have not been around much lately. I'm constantly working but this is my last week until school begins in about a month so that should be good. Maybe the lack of stress will help me. God bless and I hope you all are doing well.
Hi, Jeff.
I've recently made a bit of a re-appearance.
Regarding your original question... my dentist does a check around my mouth when I go for a check-up, looking for lumps and bumps that may be attributable to crohns. I have had an ulcer or two in there... but I had an orthodontic brace fitted for a year, not a good choice in retrospect as all hell broke loose at work... stress levels through the roof and all that. I'm quite happy that my dentist is keeping an eye on things. Anyway, I was made redundant and haven't worked for over two years now... turns out it's the best thing that's happened to me.... but I'm 56 and my priorities are probably a bit different to some people.

Hope your health improves and you enjoy going back to school. Stress is the worst thing in my opinion
I've had the mouth ulcers. Not fun. Given all the symptoms you are experiencing I'd hazard a guess that a flare has been in the making for awhile, you've reached critical mass. My first flare was very similar just add weight loss. If you can see your Dr. do so, let him know what's going on, he may be able to make a phone call and light a fire under the powers that be to get you on some meds. Hope you get some relief soon.
For me it's all the things you're mentioning that frustrate me the most. Last flare I had a sore/swollen tongue and couldn't talk properly for at least a week and my ankles have a tendency to swell up to soft ball size as well. And then the rashes/bruises/bumps on my legs. Not fun.

My personal theory on the arthritis attacking my ankles is that I've rolled and sprained both of them so many times playing rugby and hockey or hiking that there's a lot of scar tissue in that area.

Not sure that's any help but that's what I've experienced.
Thanks guys for the support. I also have a slightly swollen tongue. It hurts around the front edges, I thought I just bit it at first but I'm not sure now. I go in on August 5th for an ileoscopy but maybe I'll give him a call next week when I have some time. Thanks guys. I've also lost a bit of weight but I believe that is more my own fault for over working and under eating. I just don't have the time to eat some days and so I don't eat much. Ugh, this is the first time I've had Crohn's in my mouth, I usually get it in my colon but now that I have an ileostomy I just can't tell anymore whether I'm flaring or not.
I have had mouth ulcers always, sometimes I have 1 or 2, sometimes I have like 12 (yep I counted them). The best way for me to eat enough is having food around, as stupid as it might sound, having enough food and diverse food and laying it on my table at school or while I study, makes me eat.
Thanks kiny, it's not that I don't have food around but just that I don't have time to eat the food. Most of it seems to spoil before I can eat it. I'm either working in the church or I'm out and about going to visit the sick and those who cannot make it to church. Once I'm done then I have a bit of time to myself and can eat but most of the time I just keep going.haha This is my last week working in a parish so I will soon have more time than I know what to do with and then I'll be back at the seminary where food is in super-abundance.
Well... make sure you look after yourself or you're not going to be much use to the sick or the church. I'm a big fan of "grazing"... just eat little and often.

Now that you've mentioned it, I've also had that soreness on the tip of my tongue... tended to dismiss it, like you said, but I suppose it's just another little present, courtesy of Crohns
Well thanks guys. It's probably a good thing that Saturday is my last day and it doesn't seem like there will be too busy a schedule until then. I think the tongue pain is the worst because it is constantly hitting my teeth. My tongue used to look very tongue like and now it seems to be more squarish at the end. Oh well, we'll see what the doc says when I go in for my scope on the 6th.