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Something called phosphate

Apparently I am deficient in something called phosphate? Anyone else experience this? Almost 2 weeks in hospital now. Told my consultant I wanted to speak to a medical doctor about medical management and he's now suddenly got his act together and brought my MRI forward. Lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks, now 38.5 kilos BMI of just over 16. Talking about feeding me directly into the vain now :s definitely don't like the idea of this :(
I just wrote a long response and im not sure where it went? Not wanting to duplicate so if you dont see sanything from justbeachy let me know .
Im sorry to hear that you are in the hospital and don't have any answers. I have a similar situation but I think I have a little information. Last month I had my first seizure ever out of the blue and ended up in the hospital. In the hospital ttthey did give me a phosphorus iv. Because the only thing that showed up in the tests was an extremely low phosphorus count, less than 1. For whatever reason electrolytes can get out of whack for us. No one has been able to explain to me why this happened , nor do they seem interested in finding the cause. I was able to get a script for PHOS NAK. Its a powdered phosphorus supplement to mix with water. I hsve also insisted thst bloodwork be ordered on a regular basis. The one thing that I read is that phosphorus also plays an important part in this our bone strength and that bone scans are recommended. Sorry so long I hope its helpful.