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Something Different

I had a bowel movement this evening and saw something I have never seen before. The bowel movement was normal for the most part except for one thing. I began dripping blood. So much that the water turned red. It seemed like a very large amount. The blood didnt seem to be mixed in with the stool.

I have no pain at all. Ive had crohns over two years now and have never had this happen, not even the flares that put me in the hospital. So this is totally new.

It was bright red by the way. Anyone have any ideas? Im on Remi and Imuran, and just had a colon and ct scan back in Oct. Doc said no signs of crohns that she could find. Had the resection last year.

Just wondering if I should wait and check the next bowel movement or call the doc in the morning...
You may either have a polyp that burst or a small leision. I have this every once in a while also. Sometimes if your stool is quite solid and large it will cause a small tear in your rectum. Remember, your rectum is line with small veins and if it is a tear you will bleed some. Most times it will not be there the next time you have a bowel movement. Make sure you mention it to your Dr. next time you talk.
Well... I went again about 30 minutes later and was clean as u can get. Im sitting here shrugging my shoulders wondering what that was all about. You would think if it was from imflammation it would be there again that soon... Oh well...
I'll just add to what Pirate suggested - I would grab a hand mirror and lay on the bed and get a look down there. Bright red would indicate that it's coming from the rectum or anus. Maybe a hemorrhoid, or anal fissure. But both of those would probably hurt. If everything looks ok in the mirror, then it might be a ulcer in the rectum which is not good of course.

So yes, give your doc a call if it continues.
Ahh, what you describe is what I get all the time, like 8-12 times a day. Normal poo with mucus and blood and the usual but then some random bleeding. I had a scope 2 weeks ago and it's not from the rectum/anus. It's just how the disease gets me. Now, you need to try and catch it, the docs always ask me how much, so go get the 'spoon' measurements from the kitchen and find out before you tell your doc . . . . they used to just tell me one drop would make the water red . . . when I presented them with a half cup measure they got worried :) but yes, definately, see GI!! Hope they fix you quick!
I had a similar thing happen to me back inseptember. It only happened the once but it did worry me at the time. I asked my GI about it when I next saw him he said it will have been a pile. I wasn't convinced by this as it was quite a lot of blood, it didn't hurt and it has never happened since. I had to have laxatives the day after it happened due to a procedure so you wouldve thought that would have exacerbated a pile...
I hope you're the same as me and it doesnt happen again