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Sometimes being mom sucks

how am I supposed to plan and cook dinner when I feel like this?!

Just feel like whining.

I probably won't even eat any of it. :thumbdown:
Options.... ( I say all this jokingly) this is a list of my standard replies to my group....
1) tell family fridg e has not moved, it's the big white thing in kitchen. Most off the time food is in there, knock themselves out!!
2) McDonald's is down the road. Help yourself.
3) I make what I can eat... cup a soup, toast. If they don't like that see option 1
All joking aside it is hard to cook when you have no energy, not hungry, & hurting. Hope I at least made u smile.
I deal with this too and I only have a 2 year old. But my husband works when I don't so I'm exhausted a lot. It's easy meals a lot or crock pot meals. I try not to feel guilty if we have an easy day in the house where mom turns on music so my son can dance and I watch and cheer him on lol
If it makes you feel better I'm a Mom of three beautiful girls and through the years somehow my love for them always gave me strength. And when you don't feel great, order a pizza if you can.
Oh, that is hard. I do a handful of meals on rotation so I don't have to think if I'm exhausted. Taught the kids to make smoothies in a bullet blender if they need a snack. Keep frozen pizza and lasagna in the freezer. Bag salad. Frozen veggies. Bake enough chicken breast on a good night to cover three meals. Same with baked potatoes (cook a bunch at the same time as chicken ).
Keep soup in the cupboard for yourself or Ensure or what you can handle.
I truly feel terrible for you!
I know exactly how you feel! I have 4 kids and sometimes all I want to do is throw a tantrum like my three year old does, because I have to cook meals I can't even eat and then sit and watch them enjoy it while I just sip my ensure and nibble my rice bubbles. Grr. For that reason I like to keep a few things in the cupboard or fridge that are mine and mine only lol selfish ay ;)
I appreciate all the kind words... my guts really rioted last wednesday and i went to emergency. Since then hubs has been doing all the cooking. Got my colonoscopy moved up to Wednesday and they added an egd so hopefully will get answers soon.