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Sore Mouth and Tongue/Burning Lips

Hi All,

I’ve been on remicade for a number of years but my body is now
Building up antibodies andni’ll likely need to switch. All manner of side effects, and most recently I’ve been getting sore mouth and burning tongue/lips. I notice I have some small white dot
On the inside of my lip wall too. Anyone else suffered from this?

Lady Organic

Staff member
Hi and welcome to the forum:)
I have never experienced this, but I'd definitely take a picture (in case it disappears) and show it to the gastroenterologist. Maybe its a CD manifestation.
I frequently get sores in my mouth and have a sore tongue when I am having a flare. I also have similar symptoms when my B-12 level gets too low. I don’t think it is related to Remicade. I, too, developed antibodies. I spent a week in the hospital recovering from my reaction to it and had lupus-like issues for over a year from it. The mouth sores, however, were present both before and after the Remicade.