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Sore throat and Chest problems

I am in the process of being diagnosed with Crohn's/colitis. I have been suffering with gerd and the for the last couple of weeks I have had a sore throat. In the last couple of days the pain is agony, it feels like the right hand side of my throat is swollen and tight. I can eat and drink but feel sick. The gp has said it is an infection but can't see anything and prescribed me antibiotics which I started yesterday. Went back today and I have a slight temperature and my neck glands are swollen but wont do anything as I need to wait to see if I get better. It is horrible pain and can't sleep at night. Any advice would be appreciated.
Hope this problem is clearing up for you. I am also in the middle of getting (possibly) diagnosed with Crohn’s and have had a horrible sore throat. I took a look with a flashlight because the pain was so specific and saw bumps that were raw and inflamed behind my uvula. I rushed to urgent care thinking it was strep but they shrugged their shoulders and said it wasn’t like any infection they would know. Luckily I had an appointment with me GI a couple days later who said they were swollen lymph nodes. She said theoretically it could be related to inflammation, but didn’t really give me a straight answer. She recommended cepacol for the pain.