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Sore throat, not sure what it is. Any ideas?


So I have a question. I have a sore throat now. Feels like strep throat. I can't see anything, but I'm feeling some "bumps". I'm not sure what it is. I read somewhere that people with Crohn's can have inflamed throats also. Just more of the fun stuff associated with this new craziness. I haven't been around anyone who is sick that I know of. I've had this feeling for about a week now. I've got a drs appt next Monday. Some foods I eat really is starting to hurt it. Other stuff like water and pudding... no problems. Things I have to chew and then swallow. Its getting to feel pretty bad. Sometimes hard to swallow without it hurting. Any ideas?
Sometimes I get weird bumps on the roof of my mouth near my throat that hurt and bother me.
Have you tried sucking on cough drops? Those usually help the pain at least while you are sucking on them. Or a spray that lasts a little longer. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water?
Tea with honey is really soothing as well.

Good luck at your appointment!
Months ago, I had a sore throat that didn't feel like anything I had experienced before. It felt like an inflammation, but not one that I'd get from being sick. I had told my GI about it and he glanced down my throat, but didn't really make an assessment, so eh.


I'll try the cough drops and tea. Thanks! I just read in another post that Crohn's can be else where in the body since its an auto-immune disease. Its rare I guess but happens in the nose and throat. I hope not. I was doing some checking on different meds and their effects. One of the pain meds (dilaudid) I was on in the hospital is so powerful its 8-10 times more powerful than morphine and 2-4 times stronger than herione. I remember the pain and their were times that didn't calm the pain. I don't want that in my throat. That scares me. Its been getting progressively worse in the last couple days.


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Hey there Mike, Since you are on Prednisone (or any immune lowering med) whenever you get a sore throat you should have it checked for strep...Even when my kids bring stuff home, and I'm pretty sure it's not strep, I still make a trip to the urgent care to get it cultured. For peace of mind, I would go ASAP.
Strep is really contagious so if you're around someone who isn't even symptomatic but is carrying it can pass it on and with you being immune suppressed there is a higher likely hood if you catching a bug. I agree, go get it checked out ASAP.
Hey Mike - I would agree - you should have it checked immediately. If it is strep throat and you don't get it treated, it can turn into rheumatic fever and effect your heart valves and your joints. (!) Nothing to play around with really. I would not put it off until next Monday - you could hop into a doc in the box type place and have it checked pretty easily.

Sharon - here is a wiki on what strep is - Mike - if you had it, it would probably be the group A version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streptococcus

On the flip side - I get tonsillitis at least once or twice every single year. It can feel and look quite a bit like strep and I usually go get strep tested just in case. Here is a thread I started last week on that subject. Apparently we Crohnie's can get it easily. I'm immunosuppressed - so I'm guessing that is what it is from.