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Sore throat/ swollen right gland with Cimzia?

Hi Everyone,

I just had my third loading dose of Cimzia and my Crohns is under control. Bowels are normal abdomal pain is gone and I feel pretty good.

I noticed however this week I have a sore throat and swollen left gland. Has a anyone experienced this? Any feedback is so appreciated thanks
I get a sore throat for a few days after injecting. I think it is just a side effect. If I remember correctly, flu-like symptoms is one of the top side effects. It's still not fun, though. I hope you feel better soon!
Thank you so much for your feedback. You are right, flu like symptoms are one of the side effects. I feel better after reading your post and I appreciate being reminded that a sore throat is common. :) I do feel alittle better today :)