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Sorry an other question

Seems like you should be getting a bit better results than that, but honestly, I can only go by my own past experience has I haven't heard very many people hear talk about how quickly they felt relief from the prednisone. Are you saying that on the 30th you had 21 bowel movements? If so - I'd say it would be time to follow up with your GI to see if they want to add something else to what you are already taking. Have they ever done a stool sample test on you to make sure you don't have something else going on?
At 40mg I was back to solid in three days and at 1-2 BM's a day for the past month.

Might be time to contact your GI.
Oh, sorry you are suffering so much! I think it definately should be working better than that...have you told the doc? Maybe they should do a culture and see if you have c. difficile or some other infection.