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Sorry haven't been -flare

Hey All,
Sorry I haven't been on here for about a month things have been very busy and it looks like I am in a flare. Find it easier to shut myself away when it happens. My bloods came back bad for the first time in years and my general well being is not good at all, the fatigue is so hard to deal with at the minute. ANyways off to the my consultant tomorrow sure he will sort me out, just praying I don't have to go back on horrible Pred.
Once again sorry for not being in touch.

Jo xx


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Oh no Jo! I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope everything goes well at the docs and wishing as well that you don't need the Pred!


Oh yeah, don't be apologising for not being up to stopping by! We understand and always will. :ghug:

Take care hun, :hug:


Hiya Jo

Don't apologise, you're number one, not us!
Hope it goes well with consultant and he doesn't give you Pred! Ask him for some Humira.


No Jo, my gastro wouldn't approve it, he said to wait til I'm at death's door, then they'll consider it, but if this current round of Pred doesn't work, then no way am I going back on it, I'm gonna ask for the Humira!


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Hey Jo: I hope the scope goes okay on Tuesday and that you Stay Off The Pred! (Says the girl who's gained 18 pounds and turned into a bit of a witch thanks to that drug.)
Hi Jo.. hope you are feeling better. I haven't been here ina bit either. Too bsuy running around trying to pretend I don't have Crohns disease. Well my body is telling em other wise. I am going to try and relax and do simple thigns. I've been curled up in bed jsut relaxing and sleeping with a hot water bottle. I am goign to grab my pink bunny and cuddle too. At times like these is when I just want to read kids books and watch kids movies. Thats how I need to treat myself.
Thank goodness I have not had to go on Prednisone or anything else stronger than Salofalk.. but if I don't watch it I am in trouble. I dislike when people think that I am choosing to aly around in bed all day.. ahh no... but then again they are usually people who have illnesses and jsut race through it cause they can't sit still. I was being one of them for a while.. but yea.. I get sick again.
Take care.. you are in my prayers.