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Sourdough and gluten

Hey everyone, I used to make bread for my family every day, and it was such a beautiful ritual and tradition in our home, I stopped making it after my Dx, and after a year of not making bread, I feel like my kids still have not gotten past missing bread at the table.

I just haven't had the stamina to make bread if I can't eat it. It has just felt like too much to ask from me this past year. Not to mention, if a diet heavy in carbs is associated with developing Crohn's, and all my kids are at risk for developing this (and I think some of mine are showing early signs) I figured it could be good for them to skip the bread, except maybe when we go somewhere and a wheat product is served.

And as a final note, I have a child with EOE and gluten is one of his triggers. He had stopped eating wheat about a year before my Dx, but I was still using Rye and Einkorn, which have less gluten, and it improved his symptoms, but they didn't go away entirely. We decided to go entirely gluten-free last year when I was diagnosed, and it helped my oldest son's symptoms...but he still has symptoms sometimes...because EOE is also a witch. I make an occasional gluten-free treat for birthdays/holidays, but I end up violating my own diet to eat it because I just can't pass up a cookie if I spent all afternoon making them! It is what it is I guess.

Anyway, I was up last night crying because we have all tried to be so brave this past year and give up bread, and my husband and I have done everything we can to model acceptance and understanding, but my 5-yr-old seems to be really struggling with the loss of bread and she just doesn't seem to be able to understand yet why we don't eat it at home anymore.

I'm probably going to try to make a gluten-free "bread" for Easter this year, but it's just not the same thing, and I worry about all the gums and additives it needs to make it seem like bread.

So, now that I've given you the soap opera, my question is, do any of you still eat wheat or gluten-containing products without problems? Have any of you switched to sourdough (rather than quick yeast bread, which is what I made for years) and had good results with it? I'm especially interested if you couldn't tolerate conventional bread products, but you are able to tolerate sourdough, but any experiences are helpful.