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Soy protein isolate

Does anyone take soy protein? I saw this study and decided to try it:
I was immediately better, like within 24 hrs! Been on it 4 days now and things have calmed way down. I use NOW Sports unflavored Soy protein isolate, blended with 1 cup lactose free milk, a frozen banana, 5 drops stevia, and some ice. So easy! Might be worth a try.
Here is the product:
It's a study in ''mice with collitis.''

You should probably be careful with studies like that, they induce collitis in mice with a chemical, specifically DSS, or Dextran Sulfate Sodium.

This isn't an accurate model of crohn's disease at all, and does a very average job at mimmicking UC. Studies that have tried to mimmick effects seen in mice with DSS induced inflammation, generally don't, or very poorly, translate to humans.

A more accurate mouse model of crohn's disease is bacterial induced inflammation, where you give the mouse antibiotics, and then induce inflammation by giving them an E Coli bacteria isolated from crohn's disease patients like LF82.

Anyway, the most interesting amino acid relative to crohn's disease is Glutamine, due to its effects on the small intestine and immune system. But at least so far, giving people with Crohn's disease extra Glutamine, has failed to show any beneficial result.

(There have been 2 studies giving crohn's disease patients glutamine, one in adults from Rutgeerts, and one in kids.)

With the small caveat that none of the people in either studies, had specific glutamine deficiencies. One can imagine that in someone with a severe glutamine deficiency, maybe glutamine supplementation would help, but there haven't been any studies that managed to show this.
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