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Special thank you

My family would like to give a SPECIAL THANK YOU to a VERY SPECIAL LADY, MISB!!!!!!! When I joined this forum I was hoping for support and understanding from someone who knew where I was coming from and not being judged or thought of as losing my mind with the story of Madasin...

Well I got a whole lot more then I thought I would. I got uunderstanding, friendship, warm welcomes and more.
We have been trying to get another doctor to take a look at Madasin's records, test etc, to see if someone would help her out and unfortunitly we did not have any luck...

Well Thanks to a member here on this forum, Madasin has a chance to go to New York City to Mt, Siena Hospital and see a Pediatric UC/Crohns Specialist. This lady who I only met through the forum yesterday emailed this doctor with Madasins story that I had posted and he actually emailed her back saying he would see her.

We are so greatful for this no words could ever express how we feel....
I will let everyone here know when she will be going to NYC we are just waiting for contact from the doctor.


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New York, USA
Awesome news!!!!!.....Good luck with everything - if you want to stop in Albany on the way to/from let me know! I'm at work most days M-F.....right at the Empire State Plaza.....
Bev you have made a real difference to this forum, and now you've made a difference to a little girl's life - and to her family too. you are a true angel, and we are so lucky to have you here. well done you!

Rosemary - i am more delighted to hear this encouraging news than words can say - i hope this is the turning point for Madasin :)


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Rosemary, I know you probably have been too engrossed with little Maddy to have scooted round much on the forum but I want to let you know just how special a lady Beverly really is. She is in the process of undergoing consults for surgery herself and has been in constant agony for at least the last two weeks that I know of. In spite of this, she has made this effort. She is a blessing to us all. Thank you Bev!!
Thanks Dexky, your are right I have not had a lot of time to scoot around and I am still learning the site, I apoligize for that, I am learning though, there are so many threads and postings to read, I could spend hours on here if i had hours to do so. lol
thank you for the information. I am so very grateful for our special Lady for all she has done for miss maddie. I will keep bev in my thoughts daily.
:blush::blush::blush: You are all too much. I'm not use to doing nothing and things I need to do I have had a hard time doing lately. So being able to sit here and use my laptop to help someone else actually makes me feel better. I just hope it helps. So far the Dr. is asking questions, but I think we'll all feel better when an actual appointment is made. My 19 yr old daughter is dealing with a minor illness and I cannot even begin to imagine what Rosemary and her daughter are going through.

Anyway, I hope this helps and that Madasin can get some relief soon. She is such an adorable little girl and does not deserve this. It is a priviledge to be a part of this forum and to be able to help others, build friendships, and to know others are there for me. You are all the very best group of people I have had the pleasure of spending time with. :mademyday: