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Spent all day at the er wish me luck with my scope in the morring

spent all day at the er wish me luck with my scope in the morring

spent almost all day at the er the stomach pain was so unbearlable i could not take it i was crying my eyes out and doubleing over i got my husband to take me to the er when i got there they took me right back to a room no waitng in the waiting room at all when they got me in the room they started the blood work iv and the doctor came right in and i could barly even talk to tell him what was going on because i was crying so hard and so much when he was pushing on my stomach i really started crying even worse he said ok we are going to get things going get iv in and get you something for the pain they had to keep giving me Dilaudid through the iv and it was really helping he done blood work,CT on my stomach,chest xray to make sure that my lungs was ok i mean he done alots of tests can't name them all once the Dilaudid worn off i was crying my eyes out again and again and again all the tests came back fine they could not find nothing wrong but he told me its a good chance its crohn's diease i told him i have to have a scope done tomorrow and he said good and he told me to make sure i dont miss the scope

the doctor felt so bad for me because the pain i am in he even said i may have DX of crohn's in the mornning please ev 1 wish me luck for my scope in the morning i dont think i am going to sleep tonight because my stomach is hurting so bad like it was when i went to the er i am crying my eyes out again ill update as soon as i can after i get home i mean if they dont have to keep me after the scope i may even take my laptop with me to but i dont know i may have a DX of crohn's diease in the morning when i get home ill let you all know


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mayhavecrohn's. I hope your tests goes well and that you get a dx. Having crohns is better than being in terrible pain w/ no dx. Also I hope you get some relief too. Good luck today :) Erin


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I am so sorry you are in so much pain! I hope they can give you something to help.

Good luck with your tests! Hang in there!

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Good Luck MHC ! Hopefully you will get some definitive answers today, and then a course of treatment to help you feel better ! It's terrible to be in pain all the time, no one deserves that!
hope you get the answers you are looking for so you can finally work on treating the pain. sounds awful, i'm sorry you're in so much pain. good luck and feel better soon!