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Spinach Shakes!

Hi all. So, this summer, with the absence of any employment (lol, I fail at responsibility), I've decided I'm going to put on some muscle. Not to impress anyone, but simply so I have a fallback for if I start losing ridiculous amounts of weight again.

I've read alot of spinach shakes. I tried to make one... It was strawberry/banana/peanut butter... (not real strawberries, the seeds kill me!) I made sure the spinach was nice and fine, and it didn't taste bad. It was warm though.... eww..

ANYWAYS, I'd like to know if you guys have any cool recipes involving spinach and blenders you'd like to share!
Try using frozen bananas or frozen blueberries. Fruit juice is nice too. I throw in those tofu dessert things for extra protein. Coconut milk is also nice. Other greens work nice too, like mixed spring greens.