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Does anyone find they can handle eating baby spinach? I am missing salads ALOT and was thinking about trying to have some. I plan to pull them stems off and have it that way.. i really miss fruits and veggies :(


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I have't had many problems with spinach salads. They don't bother me pain-wise or give me d or anything like that. The only thing I've noticed is that if I eat a spinach salad shortly after a flare, my poo turns the same green color as the spinach. So I guess I don't digest it very well right after a flare (I wouldn't risk eating a salad during a flare, so I couldn't say what would happen if I tried that).
No raw spinach, but can cut the stems out and cook the leaves.

Can eat romaine a little bit but have to cut the rib out of each leaf. Almost forgot the most important detail- have to eat it after soup, or with entree. After rice is ideal

It's amazing how the same disease is so different for every person.
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I can do a little bit of romaine or mixed greens. Iceberg in teeny amounts is okay with me too. But like Zoodles said, we're all different and what we can eat/tolerate is different for each of us, so you're going to have to do a little trial and error.

One more thing to think about - when you do try a small salad, make sure to go for a smooth salad dressing, at least at first. I recently had a salad with dressing that had "bits" in it (not sure what they were - seeds maybe) and that hurt.
Nooooo spinach for me! I really miss salads, too-but for me, it's the amount of salad, not salad itself.

Raw spinach I can't handle, but if I cook it really well and I'm not flaring, then a little is ok.
No spinach and no lettuce.
I really miss having a salad...
but what I do is chop up a wee bit of cucumber (no skin or seeds)
and some chopped tomato (again no seeds or skin)
and a bit of chopped Spanish onion and pour Italian dressing over it...
tastes like a salad...without the lettuce etc. :ysmile:
Try the canned spinach. Seems to digest easier on the body. It usually takes time for people to get used to eating greens btw if you never eat them.
well i always used to eat them but havent in a couple of months since i got diagnosed. although i have been eating veggies, and they seem to be okay. but the past week i havent been overly well, im still on pred but having severe stomach pains.


Like everything else with Crohn's - everyone seems different when it comes to lettuce. Even when I could eat other kinds of lettuce, spinach was always on my "do not eat" list - raw, cooked, canned, frozen - no can do.

People who have never had to do a lo-res diet for any length of time can never understand how badly one can miss salads!!

- Amy
im starting to think I may have to do the low res , i havent been doing overly well. I am just having a very hard time giving up on eating certain things like my vegetables. This disease really takes time to adjust to thats for sure. The spinach is still sitting in the fridge waiting for me to give it a go but ive been sick for a few days now so havent been willing to go near it!
Does anyone find they can handle eating baby spinach? I am missing salads ALOT and was thinking about trying to have some. I plan to pull them stems off and have it that way.. i really miss fruits and veggies :(
I can no longer eat it raw in salads, but I juice it almost every day.

Things like steaming, blending it well into a smoothie or juicing baby spinach works well for me.

Green juices and green soups are really good for bowel issues.

Baby spinach is good as soft, but I struggle with things like kale as it has tougher leaf/fibre.
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I too miss eating fruit and vegetables but in no way at all do I miss the pain and inconvenience of frequent trips to the toilet like I used to have to endure.(20-25 times a day) I used to complain and whinge to anybody who would listen about how sick I was and how unlucky I am to have crohns disease. Doctors will happily feed you drugs to mask the disease but they cannot offer you a cure. In the end your health is your own responsibility and what you put in your mouth is the starting point of good health. Please don't eat what makes you sick. Do some research about diets, in particular I have had fantastic success with "Life without Bread" and "Optimum Diet".
I really enjoy eating kale as my leafy vegetable. Plus it has is way better for you than lettuce, which is nutritionally deficient.