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:pale:Hello everyone----yikes 3 days and counting until abdominoperineal resection surgery. I'm trying to get everything organized. My 9 year-old is struggling with the thought of mom being gone for about a week. My 12 year-old is doing a little beter--maturity helps some. I must say that it is very upsetting. Obviously they will be stressed, and I hate that, but I guess it's miserable knowing there is just nothing I can do about it. I have talked with their teachers and principals. I am going to write funny letters for them to find on each day that I am gone. I am going to let them open 1 Christmas present on Tuesday nite before surgery the next day. They will spend the day on the farm at my grandparents' house on surgery day---but probably go to school the next day. Alllll these things running thru my head, fear of the unknown, the comfort of my kids, the scary surgery, etc. I know you all have been there done that, and it helps reading your advice, etc. I just hope there are no surgical complications, I heal well, and get the heck home to my kiddos! Thanks for "listening!":hug: Snap


Snap, I think you are doing everything you can to make sure all is well. I can certainly understand why you're nervous!

Make sure to post this in the general section as well. Alot of folks have been through what you are going thru. Bless you.

All my digits are crossed for a sucessful surgery and a quick recovery time for you.

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Hey Snap it is very hard, your emotions are running high and you are going to be just fine. I hate the "possitive word" but, just think when you are well and on the way to healing you are going to be feeling better and enjoy your children.

I was ill when my daughter was 4 and she told me later when she was older she was scared and thought I was dying...poor kid. But now she is a happy 23 year old that respects her mom and the disease.

All the best to you and speedy recovery!!!! Hugs!
My son has been by my side through many surgeries. Even as a teenager it was comforting to know he was there... and he handled the doctors and nurses for me much betterthan anyone could. I'm sure all will go well with you and your kids will do fine. Please keep us posted


Good luck, Snap! Kids take their clues and demeanor from what they observe so try to be calm and confident (at least on the outside) and they will sense that and feel better. I am sure they know that this sugery will eventually help you feel better and ultimately, that's all they want for you.

Keep us posted on your progress!! - Amy