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Squat toilet stool

I'm thinking of ordering this squat toilet stool.
Experts have argued that digestive illnesses like colitis, constipation, and hemorrhoids stem from all the sitting and straining people do on the toilet.
I even read that the ileocecal valve doesn't close properly in the sitting position, and that there can be back flow into the small intestine.
Western countries use sitting toilets, the rest of the world has squat toilets. They have less incidence of things like hemorrhoids.
Has anyone tried one?
I don't know whether or not the sitting position can cause problems, but it can certainly make it harder to go when you've got problems, especially if you have constipation. I had a doctor who recommended using a foot stool when on the loo, which I did for a while before I got a stoma. I had a lot of rectal issues and it was a bit easier when I had something to put my feet up on.


I have a squatty potty and it really does help put you in a more comfy position. I think it's best if one suffers constipation because it will ease it out. I barely use mine but I should.
This tool helps a lot.

If you study Asian countries, you will notice that 99% of people do not have hemorrhoids.

The squat poop is the reason :)
I picked up a toilet stool after I stumbled across this: http://toiletops.com/best-toilet-stools/. I think the diverticulitis risk was the final straw given my issues and how little I know about myself.

I never realized how non-existent toilet stools were in Western culture. Between the hemorrhoids, constipation, and (now) possible diverticulitis, it seemed like a no-brainer to pick one up. Especially since the plastic ones are cheap.

Haven't had any hemorrhoids or constipation since using mine, although, I'm somewhere between blocked up and diarrhea so sometimes I don't need it.
When I remodeled my bathroom I got a new toilet that's higher, and it made me get like hemorrhoids or something! I got the squatty potty and the blood when I wiped totally stopped. So weird how a few inches in height can make that much difference.