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Staples in Ileocolic Resection


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Talk to your GI and surgeon about your concerns. One, not everyone gets staples, two, there are staples made out of other materials that can be used such as stainless steel and synthetic absorbable (bioabsorbable) staples, three, metal implants have their surfaces changed so they're less likely to cause a reaction inside the body. Ex ample, "In alloys, such as nitinol, the formation of an oxide layer protects against corrosion but also removes Ni atoms from the surface of the material." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitinol_Biocompatibility

Either way I'd still bring up your concerns with your doctors so they can help relieve some stress either by assuring you that you'll be fine or changing their method of stitching you up.

Good luck and keep us posted. :D
It seemed routine that they take out the staples and then patched the scar with steristrips. The staples were on the outside going in. I do have internal sutures that feel like the strings of a tennis racket. Those are permanent apparently. It feels bizarre, but if it holds me together, ok. I hope your complications heal up and things go smoothly.

When i had mines i told the surgeon no staples, so i recieved the strip.. i thank god i healed up perfect seeing that was a major sugery and only these thin strips were keeping it close.. i think it took a bit for the strips to start coming off on its own