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Started Methotrexate Yesterday....

Well I started Methotrexate yesterday and I feel really good today..
So far no side effects :D
Hoping this works out for me because the Imuran was effecting my liver
so I was taken off of that..
I just can't wait to get settled on something that works without to many side effects.. I started B12 injections this week also so maybe that's why I feel so good..

Taking D3, Megafol, 15mg Pred, 40 mg Salopraz, B12 injections, 25mg Methotrexate weekly, Calcium.
Had my second shot yesterday, still no side effects, Hope this is going to work..
I got to my clinic for my shot and the nurse wouldn't give my shot cause the metho's toxicity and they didn't have a proper disposal container :/ Lucky my GP walked past and heard what was going on and offered to give my shot to me, he was going to the hospital and took the sharps with him for disposal there.. Now I have to go there every Thursday for my shots... Pain in the bum!
Anyway, It seems it may be easier to do this myself, I know some of you on Metho inject yourselves and it sounds like this might be the way to go.. Is it easy to manage?..
Doing it myself makes me nervous but I know it will give me more freedom..
Any advice or tips on how you manage would be great?
Over here they got a nurse to train me at the hospital and then once I could prove to them i could do it they set me up with the gear and I did it from home. I used to take my sharps bin back for disposal and go to the daystay unit to pick up swabs, sharps and new bins. They would only give us 4 prefilled syringes at a time and I would pick these up from the hospital pharmacy.

Talk to your GI and see if you can do it yourself. Yes there is a psych thing with doing the jab, and you vary the site around your belly sides and bottom - I used to treat myself after the jab with an orange juice or something sweet to reward myself for doing it.

Good luck
Hi Jessasha,
I too am on Methotrexate, 25mg/1mL. I do my injections at home - and it's really not all that bad. I use a very fine gauge needle (27 1/2) and a 3 cc syringe. I was using a smaller syringe, but, once you get that 1mL of serum in there, the plunger was all the way out and very difficult to maneuver. I vary the spot on my abdomen where I inject so I am not hitting the same spot every week. My only real side effect from the injection is that I am very tired the day after.
Good luck with the Methotrexate!!
Subcut needles ?

Hi Guys,

Are your injections subcutaneous? Well my first three have been.. I've been having them in my shoulder and I've noticed this round scarring about 1cm round at the injection site. The nurse told me today it's caused by the metho's toxicity and basically the cells are dead in that area.. :eek:
Do any of you notice this where you inject?
Got a cold today!

Is this something I should tell the GI or just monitor how bad it gets..
I actually felt like crap today but not sure if its from my metho inject or the cold..
My injections are subcutaneous, but, I inject into my abdomen. The other preferred SQ injection sites are upper arm and upper thigh. I've not noticed any type of scarring around my injection sites, and I try to not inject into the same place twice...
Thanks Michelle, I am a little nervous about injecting into my abdomen but if these marks are permanent I will have to "suck it up princess" and deal with it.. cause they look weird.
Does the bigger needle hurt more than the 1ml. I'm such a wuss when it comes to needles :(
The needle I use is a 27.5 gauge 1/2" needle. The higher the gauge number the finer the needle. Honestly, I barely even notice the needle as it's so fine, probably close to the diameter of a strand of hair. If you will be doing your own injections, ask for a finer gauge needle and a 2 or 3 cc syringe. If you get a 1cc syringe, you will fill it up with the Metrotrexate and the plunger will be all the way out - and it is very awkward to maneuver when its like that. I find the larger syringes easier to handle.