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Started on liquid diet

I started on the liquid diet on friday last week - so on day 4 now. Im in the UK and on Fresubin energy drink.

I was told to drink 2 the first day, 5 the second and 7 every day after. He said id feel better after 7 days and will know if its working within 3 weeks.

I havent been able to quite have enough of the drinks every day yet. im doing 5 but struggling with 7.

I hadnt eaten for 10 days before i started on this diet so was very weak. Im feeling a bit stronger but am still sat at home and if i do anything i sleep for a while - ie have a shower. Im also getting stomach pain and D overnight and im cold all day when the heatings on and then sweating all night when the heatings off.

Does this sound normal progress for day 4?
You're doing well!
Even 5/day is 56g protein and 1500 cals which is enough to survive. Take it slow. It takes time for your body to respond especially if you've been malnourished for a while.
The sweating and cold are most likely residual illness symptoms. Hang in there, and keep resting and relaxing as much as you feel like.
All the best.


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When my son did six weeks of EN, he was told that it was likely that the diarrhea would likely continue throughout the six weeks (as what was going in was liquid so what's coming out is...).

I know this hasn't been the case for all who have been on liquid diets but was the case for my son. The D ended once he started to eat solid foods.