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Starting Cimzia, advice and experiences please!

I am starting on cimzia next week and would really appreciate in info. It was supposed to be humira but insurance said they would only approve the cimzia. Anyway I am a little nervous. I haven't been on a biologic yet.
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Hello sorry your going through a tough time and insurance company's decides what's best for you its crazy. I tied humira and didn't work for me. I will start my 3 starter dose next week remicade to early to tell. Don't know enough about cimzia to comment on it but here is thread that was asked a few years ago read it and it may help.

Best Kevin

I have tried Remicade and Humira. Currently on Cimzia, not sure yet if it's working or not. I have read these meds.work best when used with another drug. My Dr wants to hold off on thAt. I on the other hand have decided 4years out of remission is long enough. I work retail long hours, physically demanding I don't have time to be sick!

Good luck and remember you are your best voice don't give up until you get what you need!

Cimzia is in the same class of drug as Humira, TNF-a inhibitors. For the average patient the only pertinent difference is Cimzia has two loading doses in a month and then one dose a month after compared to Humira's weekly loading doses and biweekly maintenance doses. It's side effects are similar, more common respiratory infections and injection site reactions.
Also - for me it took quite a while for Cimzia to kick in ... close to six months. I went back to the doctor for a follow up after three months and there was no notable improvement in my labs or overall condition. Many patients had reported on this discussion forum that it can take quite a while to kick in, so I pushed my GI hard to stick it out. I wasn't going to throw in the towel after three months.

After six months it finally kicked in, but when I mentioned that it wasn't getting me through the whole month (only about three weeks), we switched to one shot, every other week. I now have 18 successful months on Cimzia doing one shot, every other week. I doesn't work as well as Remicade once did, but I am pretty well under control (say one or two bad days every six to eight weeks). I'd be much worse without it.