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Starting Cimzia for the second time

I took Cimzia about four years ago and had wonderful results for about two years, then it stopped working as well. I then went on to try Remicade, Entyvio, and Humira which I'm currently on but none of those worked as well as Cimzia when it was great. My doctor is putting me back on Cimzia before we start battling my insurance to start Stelara and just wanted to see if anyone has started/stopped Cimzia and restarted later on?

I don't know about restarting but, I am in the same club as you, Cimzia is my miracle drug. Everything else failed. I did go off it for 2 months due to insurance issues and was so glad it still worked for me. Let me know your experience, if I ever have to go off it I want to know I can come back to it should anything ever happen.
I will definitely keep this updated when I actually start. My insurance likes to deny everything first so sometimes it takes a while for new things to do through :)