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Starting Cimzia Question


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I'm wondering if anyone here has failed Remicade & Humira. Then started Cimzia and it be successful? I'm on Humira and it doesn't seem to be helping. My doctor has said in the past he may switch to Cimzia so this is why I'm asking. Also does anyone know if Cimzia has an assistance program to help defer the high cost? Thanks


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No harm in contacting the company and asking. I'm not sure. I've heard of people going from Remicade and Humira onto Cimzia and 6MP etc and don't hear too many stories about nothing working at all (sometimes but really not often). I hope it works for you and that you'll go into remission soon! Keep us posted. :)
I am switching to cimzia also and my dr said there is a copy assist program for cimzia as well. Not sure how to get in touch with them try their website!


After Remicade stopped working, I went to Humira and had a bad reaction to it, so I switched to Cimzia.

It hasn't been too long, but it's certainly not working nearly as good as Remicade did........when it worked.
I have failed both and Imuran I had surgery almost 5 weeks ago I had a bowel resection they took 26 inches of the small bowel!! I have had 2 flares and currently in a flare looking forward to starting Cimzia on May 7th!!! Praying that it works for me and works fast!!!!!
I'm on Cimzia. On it for 2 years, started with shots once a month moved to every 3 weeks and now every 3weeks plus Aza which is not working so may go to shots every 2 weeks or switch to Remi. It did help for 18monthsmor so but loses efficacy in some people. They have a co-pay assistance. My Dr gave me the co pay card, which you call and register it with your insurance info but just in case......it is called Cimplicity Program/Cimzia co-pay savings card. The phone number is 1-866-424-6942. Their claims number is 1-877-705-4119 and finally, billing is 1-800-697-7089. You can also go to their website to request a co pay card. Hope this helped!!!!