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Starting Cimzia

Hi all. I was diagnosed with Crohns about 4 months ago (wrongly diagnosed with IBS for years). They started me on entocort and lialda. I was then transferred to a specialst in Crohns who feels it would be best for me to start on Cimzia. Wondering if anyone can share their experience with me about this med. Thanks!


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I've never taken it before but I'll move your thread over to the Cimzia subforum in hopes that you'll get better responses. :)

Give the threads here a look through here to see if you can find the information you're looking for.
I just did my 2nd Cimzia injection today! Unfortunately, i'm not very helpful since I just started the med 2 weks ago . Thankfully, the needle is VERY little and I hardly feel it going in. The sent a home health nurse to my house for the first injection to show me/ help me do it. Cimzia also has a co-pay card that they can sign you up for and if you get approved, it will cover up to $500 a month! My co-pay after insurance was supposed to be around $50 but it's zero for at least the first year because of this card!! So if they don't mention the card, make sure to ask about it!

Sorry i'm not much help since I just started! Good luck to you!
I just did my 2nd dose on Monday. So far this week I've had increased fatigue, chills and nausea. I'm hoping it's not from the Cimzia! Have ya'll noticed any side effects? Any relief?? I feel like I'm WORSE. Hope it's just temporary!!