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Starting Humira next week

I am nervous about starting Humira next week. ( my choice over Remicade). I DESPISE needles, and thought I would do better with an injectable over IV's, but I am having second thoughts about the amount of pain that people have from the humira injection.:(
Is is crazy to consider IV Remicade instead, and would dr consider a mediport or am I being a big baby? I have tiny veins, and ALWAYS HAVE PROBLEMS with IV's.

I am really, really dreading this, but have been on 4000mg Pentasa since January and still have inflammatory strictures...also. On Imuran and Pred.

Also any suggestions for mild anxiety? :ghug:
Sasha, Welcome.

Humira is a good med.I have been on it for over a year.The pain from the injections is just momentary.I have found that if I let the pen warm up for an hour. If I do that it is much less painful.
I was same way when i started cimzia which is kinda the same.....believe it or not u will do just fine...my wife was shocked how easy i did with it...i have been on cimzia for 3 months and will also be starting Humira next week (hopefully)...due to the cimzia not working with me...