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Starting Humira on Monday

starting Humira on Monday

I'm a little bit nervous, but just hoping it goes ok. I'll be using the pen to start, since I've never given myself a shot. I can dig out a splinter, so I guess I can stab myself with a needle.


The pens are great! Super easy and no big deal! Like you said, if you can dig out a splinter...

I hope you find remission quickly with Humira!
I just started last Friday. Was given the syringes which I was nervous about but I really liked them cause you can control the speed. I found slowly was much less painful. Good luck and I hope it works for both of us!
Try not to psych yourself out before you give the shot! I'd sit around for an hour holding the pen there til i got the courage to do it... My GI recommended to do it while you're in a rush / don't have time to waste. That way you can't sit there getting anxious. You'll do just fine!
I hope Humira will mean remission for you :)

I still hate needles but i can handle humira.
it's not painful.
have a routine when you do it. it helps

I always have a fancy chocolate afterwards to reward myself/
I'm starting shortly after you, so we're in the same boat. Seems like a lot of us are starting this about the same time! I'm nervous, too. They're giving me the pens, but I think I'd be more comfortable with the syringe. As one person said, you can control the speed, and slow seems less painful. I used to give myself B12 shots in the thigh using a syringe, and I never could get the courage to just stab the needle in really fast. I did it slow and it felt less painful and easier for me. But I'm sure we're all just working ourselves up for no reason. After all the times I've been poked with needles, I still find myself getting nervous when I get blood taken sometimes. It's just one of those things that the mind may not ever get used to. Afterwards, I always feel silly for worrying because it's never bad at all, really. But it's a mental thing.

We'll get through it, though! Just a few seconds, a pinch and it's over, right? And you know what they say, you can do anything for a minute! And this is less than that! ... I'll have to remind myself of that when I'm about to do it myself... Haha.
You don't even see the needle when you use the pen. You just put it next to your skin, and click. Count to 5 and it's done. Not really much of sting at all, and no pain or soreness afterwards. Just find some fat, hahaha.