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Starting Humira

CANT WAIT!!! So fed up with feeling like crap ALL THE TIME! Feel like I shouldn't really be pinning all my hopes on it just yet but definitly dreaming of soild poo and having enough energy to stay up past 8pm :D

To all you seasoned Humira kids, how long before it started working for you?

Crohn's 35

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Hi there, I had been on Humira for 6 months until it stopped working but there are so many that have done amazing on it. I heard it can take up to 6 weeks if it is going to work. Hope it does the trick for you good luck!
Hey, good luck on Humira i got taken off it after being on it for 3-4months as it did something to my knees but since ive been off it i still have that problem but it helped.
It started working for me within 4 days of the first loading doses... that said it still took a while, and I needed to go to weekly injections to really get me into remission.

Of course it may not do that for you.

Good luck!