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Starting Humira

Well, much to my surprise, the insurance right away authorized the first 14 days (6 pens) of Humira, and it was my understanding that the pharmacy was going to call the doctor to get the authorization for the next 14 days and the doses thereafter. I go for my training on October 9, and will try to keep updated about my progress and how it is working, if it works at all.

Without giving away names, I will say that my insurance is the largest insurance carrier in my state, and the co pay was much less than I thought it would be. I thought that it would take some time to authorize, but it hopefully will not. I found this to be a surprise as it was a totally different story when I was on NG tube feeds.

On that note, and for anyone using or considering Humira, definitely register for myHumira. I did and set up medication reminders, and also signed up for the pen disposal service. This service is FREE, and from what I understand, they mail you a sharps container that you put USED pens or syringes in, and when it's full, you send it back in a prepaid postage box, and call for a new one.
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Hi MC,

I'm also going to be starting Humira hopefully in the next week or so. I've been working with the pharmacy and insurance company to get it authorized, which just went through today. The pharmacy is supposedly going to call me today to set up a delivery schedule and get copay information, and I'm supposed to also hear about training, which I'll hopefully be able to set up for next week.

I am so hopeful about this drug....I've been trying different meds for the past six months or so and nothing else has worked really, so I'm back on prednisone for the time being until the Humira kicks in. I just want my life back!

Let me know how your treatment goes, and good luck!