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Starting Humira

Hi All, I have received my Humira starting package, but I'm waiting on my GI to set me up with a clinic or infusion clinic to administer the injection. Is this normal? Also should I be seeing a Rhumatologist? I was told to call the office as soon as my injections arrived, so I could come in with nurse practitioner to get instructions and information on self injection. But when I called I was told she was very booked and her assistant would call me back. Didn't hear from him so I called again and he got on the phone and that's when I was told I was being sent somewhere else. I have had a hard time excepting that I have Crohn's then reading and hearing all the side effects that are far worse than what I having really SCARE me.
I am waiting to see what medication that will be recommended for my recently diagnosed Crohns. I have been reading about the biologics and it sounds like that may be the route I take. I have many arthritis symptoms and have been treated for Otitis several times. I hope you get this worked out and hope Humira works well for you. I hope to follow and see how things go for you. Good luck. I have been seeing a Rheumatologist for several years and have had some help. I am hoping that the treatment for Crohns takes care of most of the other problems.

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So Ds started remicade at age 8 and humira at age 9
Remember those are possible side effects
Pull out a box of Tylenol read the very long paper insert
Liver failure , Steven Johnson syndrome and death are listed as side effects (but they are only possible side effects ) and I gave this to both my kids as INFANTS for a simple fever on a regular basis

The benefits of the meds out weighed the risks of potential side effects

It is normal to have a nurse show you how to give the injection for the first injection For humira then you give the rest

I learned over 7 years ago for ds
He is now on Stelara which is also injection
Didn’t need to be trained again. 😂

Ds was in humira for over 5 years
No major issues
It worked well until it stopped working

He also see a rheumatologist for his arthritis in addition to crohns

Good luck
After the first few shots you will be able to inject it without thinking
Please do not be frightened. I was, and after 9 years, nothing happened accept going in to remission!

See if you can get the citrate free pens. You will not even know you injected!

Good Luck
Thank you, I was give the citrate free pens and your right, can hardly feel it. I was a little worried because 3 days before my second dose was due I had a flare up and for the first time I had blood in the bowl...I called my doctor and had my hold my injection for 2 days. Today I'm about as normal as one can be with Crohn's. I recently went to see a Rhumatologist and he is linking my Crohn's with possibly psoriatic arthritis. Doing more blood work and scans. I get my results next week. So you say your in remission, how long did it take to be were your at? And does it mean no diarrhea ever?