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Starting Humria

so Humira is going to be the last option for me otherwise surgery :( Im a 17 yr old guy and also on azathioprine, pentasa, iron tablets, vitamin D+calcium, prednisolone too. And i dont think reading about it on the internet has made me feel any better..

anyone able to comfort me :(? or maybe tell me if its worth trying with all the side effects :(
It is totally worth it in my opinion and stop reading things! People rarely go on websites to post good things so you get a large imbalance of negative options compared to positive. It's in no way a last resort and there are more treatment options following this, not to mention drugs are constantly being developed and improved on. Oh and side effects come with everything. For me the choice was simple. Live in my parents basement for life constantly worrying where the next toilet was or try out Remicade. I now eat anything I life and am going on a 1600 mile road trip on Friday.
Def worth it! Ive been on 4 diff medications and this is the only one that has shown results so far. And also dont get worked up by people saying it hurts a lot. It really doesn't that much. Especially a young kid will be able to handle it like a champ