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Starting LDN on Friday night

Hi all

I have been waiting and waiting to find a Dr that prescribes LDN. I have been reading this forum and hoping and finally got a NP that is wonderful. I am taking this for Crohn's and Hashimoto's.

I received my 90 day supply from Skip's and all is in place :)

Why did I just become nervous today? :ylol2:

You have all been inspiring to me (especially Kev and I am praying for your recovery daily.)

Did anyone else get nervous the day before or did I just become a wimp overnight? LOL

Thank you all for walking me through this as I have shared your journey and stories.

Hi tonya, great news your starting LDN I wish you the best with it :) I also got nervous when I started my 13 year old son on it but it all went really well his energy levels went sky rocketing and it was like we had our old boy back again ! We did have a set back he had a abscess before we started him on the LDN which recently we have had to have removed abd a temporary stoma put in place for now . As soon as he was off all painkillers I had him straight back on the LDN , he is also on azathioprine as I want to stop any flare up but hopefully will ween him off this as the LDN kicks in . We had no troubles but I know some might have a flare after starting :( so I wish you well good luck and keep us updated :)check out the support group for LDN if you haven't and post your results there you might get more support . Good luck , Wendy
Congrats on starting LDN. I hope that it works for you, I have been on it for about 6 months and I think it is going well. I don't have typical crohns symptoms so my end result will be if no internal fistulas develop. That may take years to prove that LDN worked for me. Welcome to the LDN circle!


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I never considered myself a coward. When I was young and foolish, and earned part of my living as a bouncer... I'd jump into fights one on one, two on one, even three on one a few times. Total macho stupidity in retrospect. (and I've got the aches, pains and scars to make my statement undeniable).. Thing is... starting LDN... I was scared. So very scared. So much was riding on it. And, of course, the methodology of the drug does not make things better.. Getting worse, no clear cut visible signs of getting better, absolutely nerve wracking... and this disease like to take advantage of emotional turmoil like that. So.. nervous... hell yeah. In my case, almost scared shitless (if only that actually did work). All one can do is approach it optimistically, and hope/pray for the best.
Thank you all for the support and information. And Kev, you made me laugh. I have come to realize that what I am fearing is that it won't work. I thought it was just the "getting worse before you get better."

You have all given me courage and I'm ready!

Thank you all so much!

I will now go to the support page and introduce myself :)
Hey -- I'm supposed to be starting it tonight (package should be coming today). I'm very nervous also. But I have been so sick the past 3 days and I am so tired of feeling this way - I have to try this!!!

Good luck for both of us :)
Best of luck Nims22! You and I are going to start our healing tonight! I am also very tired of being sick.