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Starting Methotrexate & worried about vomiting


Saw my GI today and we have agreed to start Metho injections - 10mg (first week), 15mg (second) & 20mg (third). Also 1 x 5mg folic acid 2/3 days afterwards.

I recently had a FP test come back at 300ug/g where three months ago it was 31ug/g. As my bowel perforated unexpectedly last year, my consultant wants me on some meds as he thinks I am a 'high risk'.

I have tried Aza, 6MP, Asacol & Pentasa and reacted to all of them.

I am really nervous about vomiting on Metho as I have a phobia about this.

For those of you taking Metho - how long after your first jab did any side effects kick in? Also did the side effects change/get worse or better with the next few jabs?

They want me to start injecting myself - is there anything I need to know?

Any advice or experiences with this drug would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.
Have you ever been given any anti nausea meds when you have had vomiting in the past? Zofran works well for my son.

Is the vomiting because of an allergic reaction you had to the other meds you have tried?

I know there are some on the forum who have experience with Metho and can answer your questions. I can't think of anyone at the moment but let me do some digging and see what I can find.

((((hugs)))) I know starting new meds is so stressful. Please keep posting as to how things are going.
Hi there, I don't have much advice and/or experience to share, I just did my first injection this past Friday. Like you, I LOATHE nausea and vomiting, and will avoid it at all costs! I planned to start MTX on a Friday in hopes I would be okay for school and work, so I had my doctor call out several different nausea meds just to be safe. I took them two hours before injection so as not to give the nausea any chance to creep in... and it worked for the most part. Aside from the other nasty side effects from the chemo and nausea medications (extreme fatigue, blurred vision, mouth sores, etc..) I suppose it wasn't that bad. Although it did take me a lot longer to be functional again. I thought I would be okay by monday, but today (wednesday) was the first time I've been able to leave home. Really hoping recovery gets shorter and easier with time.

Hope it works out for you!
I used take the pill form of MTX. Never had any side effects. I was on it for years until some GI Dr talked me into going off it. You might ask the dr about the pill form.
Thanks everyone for your comments and support.

Avw - I'll let you know next week how I am doing. I hope it works out for you. Please let us know over the next week what your reactions to the MTX are. Take care.