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Starting Stelara

I've been on Inflectra for nearly 3 yrs, I went from 8 weekly to 6 weekly to 4 weekly. Unfortunately after a Sigmoidoscopy. Ultrasound & MRI my specialist has decided to stop the Inflectra & start Stelara on Thursday. Then a top up injection in about 6 weeks then 12 weekly injections.

Apparently they saw the results of the MRI & didn't like what they saw, a fistula in my rectum & quite significant thickening in my gut lining @ the anastomosis. I certainly have had a lot of problems down below, sometimes difficulty going to the toilet & have to strain-a lot!

So along the Crohns path I go-will it ever end. 35 yrs now.

Best Wishes

I believe like my daughter who is a diabetic and her struggle will never end this is mine. It never ends we just learn how to work through and around these problems.

How is the Stelara going? I start in 6 weeks it is I think.

Hello G I Jane, well firstly the frequent bleeding I was getting has more or less stopped, So pleased about that tbh, hated getting off the toilet seeing blood everywhere. I still have problems in my rectum, fistula isn't showing any sign of going. A recent ultrasound showed some enlarged bowel! I'm having my next Stelara Injection tomorrow.
So its too early to say if its a total success, I feel better but have had some wobbles along the way.
Best Wishes
I'm now down to 8 weekly shots on Stelara. Its certainly helped. In fact I think its kept me away from the surgeons considering the stress I've been put through this year not allowing for the threat of Covid.
I apologise for lack of input but this year has just been the worst capped by my poor wife being diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer. Just a truly awful year but here I am still going & supporting my Wife as well as I can.