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Staying Positive

My story, my name is Gwen Im 35 years old, I first became ill and diagnosed with Crohn's, 1987 age 11. life was hectic and illness was out of control for 17yrs but I met a lovely man 10 years ago (now my hubby) and through up and downs have managed to get two seperate remissions one lasting two years and the last 4 1/2. I have also managed to have to beautiful children, which I was told at a young age may never be possible. I unfortunately have run into another relapse since nov 2010 and I'm working hard to get back. I just wanted to say to all if your struggling KEEP YOUR CHIN UP and remember you're not alone, thats what I tell myself everyday. Hope to chat to you all soon.
Your really an inspiration to people like me who have been dealing with it from childhood. I know this is a life long disease and imagining myself with a husband and children and having crohns is a nightmare. I don't know how you do it, but you must be very strong. I can barely handly college and crohns! Good luck with getting better!
Hey Billy Joel,

Nice to meet you. Yep staying positive is a powerful medication, I find when I'm having a hard time, I Just say "I did it before I can do it again" and it all seems less stressful.
Hi butterfly

Lovely to hear from you, Having this disease from childhood has had it challenges but you can get over them. Please don't look at your future as a nightmare, my hubby and children have only added to my enjoyment not my stress, yes it can be a worry but don't let it take anymore from your life than it has to.
You are great going to college when others would give in. Here's to our FUTURE!!!!


Hiya Gwen
and welcome

Hope you can get back into remission, you've done so well, it's such an unpredictable bitch! But we can do it! We've got Crohn's, but it hasn't got us!
Hope you find comfort here, loads of friends for you
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Hiya Joan

Thank you, I'm working hard at the moment to get this back, your so right it hasn't got us.
Can't believe it has taken me so much time to get myself onto a forum, but have to say I feel right at home, and have met some lovely people already.

Couldn't agree more with bye bye PREDS, just out of hospital after heavy IV dose and now oral preds and really am looking forward to getting off them.

Take care and talk soon

Gwen xxx
Thanks Bruscar,

Nice to be aboard, feel like you guys are really up beat here.

We can all learn so much from each other, when I was diagnosed nobody spoke of Crohn's, nobody knew what it was. Now people all know of someone. If I can help anyone come to terms or just even be an ear I'll be there.

Gwen xxx
Yey for positivity!!! Some days it's impossible to feel positive but having a positive attitude is definitely needed to keep me sane!

Hope you stick around Gwen :)
Hey Gwen! Thanks for the positivity; personally I'm really needing a dose of that today! You, like so many people on here are an inspiration and together we can all get through this!!
Hey Michelle

I know its so important to be positive, not saying its easy everyday, I had bad panic attack couple of weeks ago and ended up under the dining room table, poor hubby had to talk me out, I laugh about it now. you are right about ruining the present by worrying about future. Our Motto at home don't let the bad take over it's one day, tomorrow will be better. and I allow myself that time to feel scared and then move on.

I'm enjoying the chats with everyone, will def be sticking around.

Gwen xxx
Hey Lulu2

No worries, I'm sending love and loads of positivity your way. I read your thread and you have so much going on, loads of great stuff!!! You are all an inspiration to me, as I said earlier can't believe it took me so long. We can with the help of each other get through this and anything else that is sent our way.

I'm always here to listen

Love Gwen
Thanks Lulu

That means a lot, Out patients on Monday to see when they can scope following a failed scope 2weeks ago. Was nervous before that one but just want to get back on track now. feeling really up beat today. thanks to everyone xxxx
Don't feel too bad, you have friends here who know EXACTLY how you feel!! I hope your next scope doesn't fail and you can be sedated so try not to be too nervous.....
Keep us updated and we're here in the meantime. This forum has been invaluable to me!!