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Stelara Fatigue and Increased Dosing :(

I had my regular appointment with my GI this week and he wants to up my dose of Stelara from every 8 weeks to every 4 weeks. He wants to do this because about two months ago I ended up in the ER with a partial blockage. The weird thing is that the partial blockage seemed to come from nowhere. I was feeling great and then BOOM and then since then I have been feeling fine. I understand the idea of preventing these blockages, but I am worried about the fatigue that might come out of this dosing change.

I just had my shot last Saturday (after 8 weeks) and I have been napping almost daily to cope with this. I usually get fatigued/exhausted for a full week or two. I have been on Stelara since February of this year. So if I get a dose every 4 weeks will I be tired even more? Does anyone have experience with Stelara every 4 weeks? I am worried about quality of life/fatigue at this timing (4 weeks). I am wondering if I should discuss trying every 6 weeks first. Especially since I have been feeling fine since the ER visit. I cannot deal with sleeping my life away...
Have been on Stelara every 4 weeks since October and fatigue is not much worse. I had another episode (partial obstruction) in November. However, I have been doing better in the last few weeks. I am scared to eat any raw fruits/veggies, but believe my gut is doing better.

I have labs tomorrow for general info/anemia issues. I am hoping to be great. Fingers crossed.