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Stelara Frequency

Has anyone heard of dosing frequency of 2 or 3 weeks at 90mg? I've only been able to find a few case studies, just wondering if anyone has any info/experience.

Tagging @my little penguin from the kids forum but looking for any insight from the adults as well. Thanks

my little penguin

Staff member
The highest dose we were told is every 4 weeks at 90 mg
Ds just saw his Gi yesterday
He stated they now know the majority of ibd kiddos are not held at every 8 weeks for Stelara and need. Every 4
Not sure where that leaves the more severe cases like your dd.

I would ask again about genetic studies suck childrebd hospital in Toronto should have something similar to chop /nih
Where they look at immundysregulation , immunodeficiency and other markers for veo ibd crohns
Since it’s tends to be resistant to traditional adult crohns meds