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Stelara IV induction

Starting my Stelara IV induction today after failing Entyvio and having a resection. Wondering how others did on the IV induction(side effects etc,) and how long it took to see results.
My son started stelara right before the approval with the IV induction protocol came out. He instead had Day 0: 3 90mg self injection and then Day 30: 1 90mg self injection. He then moved into the maintenance phase so 1 90 mg shot every 8 weeks.

He's not had any side effects so far and is getting his 3rd maintenance shot
Hi everyone! I am in the process of switching from Entyvio (which has worked great for my Crohn's but my joint pain is unbearable) to Stelara. What is everyone's take on it so far? Hope it's helping everyone...