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Stelara more infections .....

my little penguin

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Ds stakes Stelara every 4 weeks
Since school has started
Two colds (no biggie ) which led to two ear infections in less than 30 days
Ears were cleared up in between so not the same infection .
Anyone else have increase infections with Stelara ?

Never had this issue before on humira or remicade for the past eight years


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San Diego
I haven't noticed any increase of infections on Stelara, however, I'm on the 8 week course. Maybe boosting to 4 weeks noticeably increases the infection risk.

my little penguin

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He is on two biologics so definitely an increased risk
Stelara is for his Crohns and Arthritis
Second biologic is for autoinflammatory condition
I haven't been sick at all while on Stelara/MTX. I go every six weeks. I was constantly sick when I was on Remicade/Aza.