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Stelara, predisolone and pregnancy

Hi everyone

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and I only started stelara in February. I’m due to have my second injection on Monday but of course I’m worried about harming the baby or having a miscarriage. I’m also on 17.5mg of prednisone which had put me in remission. Any thoughts on the safety of stelara/prednisone?

This is my first pregnancy after ttc for 2.5 years, and am so anxious about miscarriage.

Any advice appreciated.
Hi mlp.

Thanks for your response, I spoke to my IBD nurse when I found out I was pregnant and she said that the stelara would be treated the same as infliximab/Humira in pregnancy.

She did briefly discuss reducing the frequency to 12 weeks rather than 8 weeks, but with my history of relapses she said they would probably stick with every 8 weeks. Ultimately of course though it my decision, but I’ll probably continue as I’m afraid of losing stelara as a treatment option.
I'd be more concerned about the steriods than the Stelara because of the effect they can have on your blood sugar and blood pressure. 17.5mg is a low dose so hopefully the risk of side effects is minimal.
Hi Kristen 24, I know, I was worried about the steroids too particularly with the cleft palate risk I’ve read about, but my nurse thought 17.5mg was a low enough dose and didn’t seem concerned. I’ve tried to taper to 15 mg several times but every time I do the stomach pains get worse. I’m hoping the injection on Monday will work and I’ll be able to taper.