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Stelara self-injection

Recently switched from Remicade to Stelara because the Remicade was not working. I did the initial infusion and then first injection with a nurse instructing went great. Today did my first solo self injection and seemed fine but when I pulled out the needle I saw there was a drop of the medication on top of my skin. Just a drop, but I'm wondering what I did wrong and if I received enough of the dose to be effective for the 8 weeks. Any thoughts or advice? I don't want symptoms to start coming back before my next dose. Thanks!

my little penguin

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A drop is fine
Ds has this some times
With all of the injectable biologics he has been on
As well as allergy shots and methotrexate
Not anything to worry about
Stelara does take up to 6-8 months to work and most need bridge therapy until then
Ds has been on Stelara since aug 2017
He did need it every 4 weeks though
Good luck
San Diego
Losing a drop is not a big deal. But I prevent the drug from back-flowing out of the needle track by inserting the needle slowly at about a 45 degree angle and then changing the angle of the needle slightly when it is about halfway in. This is creates a sort of zig-zag needle track that prevents or diminishes the chance of back flow. It's also slightly more painful, but the needle bore is so small in the first place that the pain is still minimal.

I've been on Stelara for over two years (8 week schedule), and so far so good in achieving and maintaining remission of my Crohn's..
Nice. Glad it is working for you all. I also sometimes notice the drop, but that is fine. I've been on it for 2 years with mostly remission; however, recently I have had a flare, although different and milder symptoms than I had before.