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Stelara side effects with increased dosage

Hello. I've been on stelara 45 mg every 8 weeks for the past year. I receive it from my rheumatologist so I have the rheumatology dosing. I had a small bowel resection last October and today had a follow-up colonoscopy that shows a small patch of active crohns next to the surgical site. My gi wants to increase stelara to 90 mg but concerned about side effects worsening. On the 45 mg I am getting nearly 3 weeks of fatigue abd headache after injection, then ok for 2-3 weeks, then arthritis flare up for a couple of weeks, then repeat.

Seeing my rheumatologist next week to see if we can do something about the side effects and maybe doubling the dose will help the arthritis longer.

Does anyone else have this type of side effect?