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Stelara ustekinumab malignancy rate.

Trying to work out the real life malignancy rates for stelara.

Have it at about 2.5 - 3% from studies,

One in 28 - 50 ish develop a malignancy, however on the official jassen Web site it claims less than 1% around 1 in 250.

I'm not sure or the mortality rate.

Anybody else researched the true numbers from the most reliable sources.

Can see there has been also legal claims from the effects of this drug.

If that is correct 1 in 30 or 1 in 50 surely that should have some fairly serious black box warnings?

More so than any other crohns drug maybe ?
IL-12 itself has an anti-tumor effect, this makes me think all the drug companies are making note of the adverse effects and lawsuits on stelara for malignancies.

Hence why skyrizi Risankizumab is focusing on IL-23.

You don't get told any of this either when you arrive with a crohns flair trying to find a solution.

Crohns cancer coronavirus

I pray one day we can say the word CURE 🙏
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