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I know there are already some posts about this treatment, but most of them are a bit old and I'd like some fresh news.
Anyone still use it? Or used it and it was not working? How long did it take to work?
I remember some people who had success with it but it seems like they do not come here anymore. I hope it is because they are too busy living a healthy life!

I am in a severe flare since September after 2 ''good'' years on Humira. I tried all the other anti-TNF but it is not working for me. My GI wants to try this treatment and if it doesn't work, we'll go for a total colectomy+rectum because they can't control the inflamation, even with my lovely 50 mg prednisone/day I take since January. So I REALLY hope this treament will work for me and I am a bit disapointed that there are not a lot of people here who receive it!:shifty:

As I am in Québec, Canada, my GI can have it for free because it's still in a trial phase. Lucky about that!

Thank you!! I am sorry to create a new post for this but I am very curious/anxious.
I am not on it however my GI has offered It as an option ( If Remi plus methotrexate fails). He has quite a few patients in it and they are doing well. Please keep us updated as like I said it is the next option for me.
I am glad to read that your GI has some patient doing well with Stelara.
I will for sure keep you updated!

Good luck with Remicade, it did worked well for me during one year! Hope it will be good for you :)
Thanks. I have been on it for a little over a year with Imuran prior but I had to stop the Imuran due to low WBC issues and I started going downhill after that. So crossing my fingers for this.
So, I finally went through all the papers and will receive my first Stelara injection this week.

As there is not a lot of people on it here and I feel there might be more in the near future, I'll keep you guys updated about how it's going!

Fingers crossed as it is the last option my GI wants to try before a total colectomy!
It's been almost one week since I received my first injection and so far it's going well. I noticed I'm much more tired with Stelara than I was with Humira and Remicade.

The stools are less frequent even though I'm tapering pred so I guess it is good! But there is still blood each time, but I know rectal bleeding is pretty hard to stop!

I'm still hopeful for this treatment to be the good one!!