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my little penguin

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My kiddo has been on Stelara since 2017
He has crohns in multiple places including his terminal ileum
It’s has worked well
He takes it every 4 weeks plus methotrexate due crohns and juvenile arthritis
It took a long time to start working (8 months in his case )
Hi thank you for the reply ! My doctor put me on it in July. My Crohns is in my small bowel ileum only. One doctor told me it can work better in the large intestine and may want to try humira but im not sure if that’s true. My calpro dropped from 300 to 53 which is a good sign. I still have pain though but don’t want to give up on stelara.

my little penguin

Staff member
Stelara works better in the small intestine
Entyvio is better for the large intestine
Humira works the entire body

my kiddo has been on remicade (8 months -two allergic reactions )
Humira -5 years then stopped working
Now Stelara for over 5 years
My daughter went on a strict CDED diet for 12 weeks when she started Stelara. It really kick started her remission. We liberalized the diet at 12 weeks and unfortunately the Stelara wasn't ready to take over. Her fecal calpro shot up again. So we returned to the principals of the diet and at about a year after starting Stelara she is able to eat most things and maintain a good remission (scopes clean and fcal under 100.)